What Should You Do When You Have a Fat Kid?

Fat Kid Problem

Fat Kid Problem - Obesity Epidemic

If you are the parent of a fat kid, you probably realize there is no simple or quick answer to this question. I think there is only one universal absolute and that is to consult with a physician before making any plan to try and determine any specific medical causes or concerns that can be identified. If you find out your fat kid is not afflicted with a genetic or medical condition be thankful. Now you can begin to focus on doing something about the “your fat kid problem”.

Separate The “Problem” From The “Kid”

If that sounds a little crass, there is a method to my approach. I believe a good start on dealing with your “fat kid problem” is to separate the problem from the kid. Inside the fat kid body, most likely is just a regular kid who really doesn’t want to be a fat kid, doesn’t know why they are fat, and has no idea what to do about it. Be an ally with your kid to work together against the problem. It is important that your kid doesn’t feel he or she “is the problem. Rather they are a kid that has a problem that can be overcome.

Obesity Is A World Wide Epidemic

In today’s world, the fat kid problem has become a worldwide epidemic called obesity. More often than not, the obese children/fat kids suffer from teasing by their peers. Some are harassed or discriminated against by their own family. Stereotypes abound and may lead to low self esteem and depression. There is plenty of blame to go around between video games, television, fast food diets and sedentary lifestyles. Due to budget decreases, phys-ed programs and sports are vanishing from public schools.

Here are some suggested steps to include in your weight loss plan to deal with these circumstances:

  • Maintain a no sweets home
  • Prepare healthy meals
  • Limit time spent on video games
  • Encourage participation in athletic programs
Fat Kid Video Games

Fat Kid Video Game

The most important element, however, in your child overcoming the fat kid problem is that they have to decide they want to do it. That starts with the belief they can do it. Be a good example for them, not just a dictator. Provide encouragement and support through your actions. Be persistent, consistent and have patience. Remember these are kids and as such go through a lot of bodily changes naturally. Some will simply outgrow their fat kid problem no matter what you do.

Yes, today’s world is filled with non-stop distractions which makes managing a fat kid problem extremely challenging. Moms and Dads need to be real parents and take an active approach to monitoring their child’s lifestyle. With the right attitude, however, the rewards from helping your kid deal with their problem can far outweigh the difficulties.

fat kid

fat kid

fat kid

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