The Keys To Becoming A Successful Weight Watcher! Are You One?

What kind of a weight watcher are you?

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

When you read or hear the words “weight watcher” what comes to mind. Do you picture someone enrolled in the Weight Watcher’s diet program? Do you see someone overweight standing on a scale peering down at a number? Perhaps your weight watcher is on a treadmill with a towel over their neck and sweat pouring off their brow.

I would guess that to most of us, a weight watcher is someone concerned with losing excess weight. However, what about a person who is underweight? Wouldn’t they also be a weight watcher, seeking to add weight rather than losing it? How about a person that is an ideal weight? Don’t they also have to be a weight watcher if they are concerned about maintaining where they are at?

What Do You See In The Mirror?

Lastly, there is the weight watcher that seems to be looking through the wrong side of the binoculars. This is would be the person that is a perfect weight or even underweight, yet when they look in the mirror all they see is someone extremely overweight. They would be either a vain or anorexic weight watcher.

My point here is that virtually anyone could qualify as a weight watcher or i.e. someone that is paying attention to how much they weigh. Certainly the argument can be made that everyone really should be a weight watcher because weight has an important bearing on one’s overall health.

So now we’ve established that anyone who is paying attention to how much they weigh is a weight watcher. So, what is it that determines being a successful one? Also, who or what is it that makes the determination? Is it you? Is it your significant other? Is it your doctor? Is it your trainer? Is it Jillian Michaels? Is it a book or a picture? Is it all of these things or is it none of them?

The simple answer to the above questions is “YES”! What do I mean? Well, success at being a weight watcher, like so many other things in our lives is a very subjective and personal term. Every one of the individuals listed above will have their own definition. Success is just as much a state of mind, as it is fitting into a statistical analysis category.

Success Is An Ongoing Feeling, Not Just An End Result

Success is progress

Success Is Not Just A Destination

To me, success is a positive “feeling” that is the result of “achieving a goal”. When it comes to the health and fitness arena, I think “progress” is the more beneficial and “achievable goal” than “perfection”.

Therefore, the keys to being a successful weight watcher are to maintain a daily effort of consuming fewer calories than you burn off, engaging in physical activity and experiencing the positive feelings from your progress.

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