Weight Loss Help For The Chronic Slipper

Weight Loss Help

Need Some Weight Loss Help?

BEWARE! This weight loss help article will not be sugar-coated (Pun Intended).

Are you one of those people who has tried everything (diets, exercise, weight training, supplements, acupuncture, psychotherapy etc., etc., etc.) only to find that any results you achieved were short term and any weight you lost is all back! Does the thought run through your mind that nothing works for you? Do you feel hopeless and helpless? Are you ready to throw in the towel and just accept your condition as your fate for the rest of your life? You need weight loss help.

Before you just give up, first consider this. Weighing too much may increase your risk for developing many health problems. If you are overweight or obese, you may be at risk for:

  •     type 2 diabetes
  •     coronary heart disease and stroke
  •     metabolic syndrome
  •     certain types of cancer
  •     sleep apnea
  •     osteoarthritis
  •     gallbladder disease
  •     fatty liver disease
  •     pregnancy complications

My point here is that this is serious stuff and unless you are a hermit in a cave by yourself, getting any of these problems will not only impact your life, but will also impact your family and loved ones who care about you. For them at least you need weight loss help.

Weight Loss Help Rule #1

Treat your condition as a serious situation that will require your attention and commitment for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. There are no magic pills that will fix it
and make it go away. There is no program that you can do for a while on and off
just when you feel like it that will bring you lasting results.

But you already knew that, didn’t you? You also already knew that to lose weight
all you need to do is regular physical activity and eat following a healthy diet.
It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? But it’s not so simple for you, is it? Why?

Well you tried your best to follow the diet or follow the workout program or
listen to the tapes or go to the therapy sessions and always something happened
that made you stop. So what happened? Well the specific events are as varied as
the people reading this, but in general, LIFE HAPPENED!

Weight Loss Help Rule #2

Life happens and life isn’t easy. In fact, few things, if any, in life that are of real value or worthwhile are easy. They usually require effort, investment, involvement, and overcoming difficulty and discomfort.

When life happens to us, our behavioral response is based on past experiences, our genes, our moods, and habits we have formed, good or bad. Habits are automatic responses that are formed by repetition. If we have a weight problem, chances are when certain life circumstances occur, they trigger an eating response. For whatever reason, this eating response is stronger than our desire to lose weight.

Weight Loss Help Rule #3

Weight Loss Help

Weight Loss Help

When triggered, our initial desire to eat in response to a life event may never completely go away! Our goal should not be to eliminate the initial desire, our goal should be to not take action on that desire.

In order for this to happen, that voice inside our heads that is telling us to eat needs to start telling us other alternatives. It might remind us of the health risks, it might tell us how much our children need us, it might show us a picture of how attractive we will be when we reach our weight loss goal or any number of positive results we will attain from controlling our weight.

So how do we change the voice inside our heads to overcome the old trigger messages?

Weight Loss Help Rule #4

Stop trying to do it all by yourself. Join a weight loss and fitness program that includes a social component. Make yourself accountable to a group that has the same weight loss goals that you do. Increase your feeling of accountability by regular participation and encouragement to others in the group. Be honest and update them with your progress, your struggles and your questions.

The more you make your weight loss program a priority in your life and the more you participate with others, the more positive messages the voice in your head will have when eating trigger events occur.

There are numerous online weight loss programs available to check out for weight loss help such as The Biggest Loser Club, WeightWatchers.com, DeniseAustin.com, eDiets, dietwatch, diet.com and JillianMichaels.com. My favorite is 7 Minute Workout because of their live support system that includes forums, blogs and several interactive Webinars each week where you can get any questions you have answered.

Remember, “There is no I in TEAM” , but there is in “WeIght GaIn”. Don’t do it yourself, get some weight loss help.

weight loss help

weight loss help

weight loss help

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2 responses to Weight Loss Help For The Chronic Slipper

  1. Today, it may seem impossible to live without stress. We have a multitude of gadgets beeping, chirping ringing, and reminding us of how much there is to do. However if your demanding life never shifts into the down gear you may see the results in your waistline.

    • Gene Aasen

      Very true. Meditation and spirituality can be valuable tools for many to get in the proper mindset. Our bodies are a reflection and result of the actions that we take in our lives. Our mindset is the driving force behind those actions. Proper diet and exercise are great stress relievers.

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