Understanding Body Types Is Critical To A Successful Fat Loss Program

Three Body Types

The Three Body Types-Which One Are You?



There are 3 distinct body types which include Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. They may sound like they could be characters on a Cartoon Channel show, but as of now they are not. Everyone is categorized into one of these body types and each one requires a different approach to diet and exercise.

Which Type Are You?

The first of the body types, the Ectomorph, consists of persons that were born skinny and most often are narrow in the hips and the shoulders. They are often envied for being able to seemingly eat anything they want and never put on a pound! However, quite often they do not have very much muscle mass either and wind up with the label “skinny fat” because any fat they do gain ends up around their stomach.

The second of the body types, the Mesomorph, is made up of people that are “gifted genetically”. They are the ones with narrow waists, broad shoulders and have good muscle tone that includes strong forearms as well as thighs. You never find the Mesomorphs working out but they have great body’s anyways. For Mesomorphs to put on excess fat, they have to be eating the wrong foods or just way too many calories.

The third of the body types is the Endomorph. They were born “chubby” and have had excess body fat all their life. Most times they appear “pear-shaped” because of a combination of wide hips together with narrow shoulders. In addition, they often have slender wrists and ankles, a wide bone structure and slower metabolism. Usually any muscle they have is hidden behind stored fat. It is easy for them to gain weight but it is not easy to lose it.

Most Fitness Plans Ignore Body Type

As you can see, each of these three body types have very different characteristics. Most of the generic diet and workout plans out there do not take that into consideration and as a consequence, do not give the results their users are seeking.

Often people who are looking to lose fat get involved with plans that consist mainly of a lot cardio such as jogging or treadmill machines for example. This form of exercise may be good for your heart rate, but is not an effective way to burn fat. It can for some body types possibly result in joint pain and what’s worse, muscle loss.

Muscle mass is one of the most effective ways for burning fat in the least amount of time because it goes on all the time whether you are working out or not. Muscles need a lot of metabolic energy for maintaining themselves and as a result, you will burn more fat by increasing your muscle mass. You can burn as much as 100 calories a day for each pound of muscle you put on.

TNT Body Types Fat Burning Solution

A Plan For All Body Types

Once you have reviewed the three body types (also called constitution types) and determined which category you fall into, the next step is to choose a plan of action. Always keep in mind that any successful long term plan should include the components of exercise, diet, and support.

Two of the top programs that I have seen which include all of these elements are the Tried N True: Dynamite Diet and Fitness and the 7 Minute Workout Program.

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