Six Pack Abs at Seventy-four!! This grandmother is the worlds oldest female bodybuilder

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Six-Pack Abs at Seventy-four!!

‘Officially amazing’: Ernestine Shepherd and her six pack abs were added to the 2012 Guinness World Record book as the oldest female body builder. Ernestine Shepherd is a 74 year (but don’t call her old) grandmother. This resident of Baltimore has been named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest competitive female bodybuilder ever.

She told the Washington Post: ‘Age is nothing but a number’.

Ms Shepherd has perfectly toned Six Pack abs that are the marvel of her fitness center in Baltimore.

The Shepherds live in Baltimore with their son, 53, and grandson, 14.

In addition to training with Yohnnie Shambourger, 57,a former Mr Universe who won the gold medal in bodybuilding at the Pan American Games in 1995, Ms Shepherd does some modelling and teaches fitness classes. She told the Washington Post, ‘If you are going to try to motivate people, you have to live that part’.
Her Trainer, Yonnie Shambourger told the Post: ‘The six pack is her signature. When she walks in a room and you see her six pack abs, you say, “Ohh! Okay!”

Ms Shepherd six-pack abs regimen begins daily at 3 a.m. daily to meditate, then heads local park for a 10 mile run before having lunch.Her diet is limited to plain brown rice, bland chicken breast and vegetables. She will then end the meal by downing a glass of raw egg whites, three times a day. She does not have any ‘desire’ whatsoever for sweets.

Ms Shepherd has been a television guest on ‘Today’ and ‘The Mo’Nique Show’ as well as being featured in ‘Essence’ magazine. She told the ‘The Mo’Nique Show’ audience that they can become fit, just like her: ‘Because we are determined, dedicated and disciplined to be fit. You can. You can do it’.

Ms Shepherd has competed in nine marathons and taken top prize in two bodybuilding contests during the past 18 years.

Ms Shepherd said she hasn’t always been so fit. She advised the Washington Post that she was a ‘couch potato’ up until she turned 56 years old! That is when she and Mildred, her older sister, decided that their bodies were starting to go soft. So they began working out together at a local center.

When they started feeling results they began pushing themselves which eventually lead to entering some bodybuilding contests. Unfortunately, Mildred developed an aneurysm and died suddenly. It was devastating for Ms Shepherd and her grief began spiraling out of control. Then she recalled a promise and a ‘pinkie swear’ she and Mildred had made.

They had promised they would to push themselves to become competitive bodybuilders. Ms Shepherd made a decision that she was going to keep that promise. Her rigorous training and restrictive diet helps her to remember Mildred.

Bernice, her younger sister, and a school principal, advised her: ‘Every time you feel like you can’t make it, lace up your tennis shoes and get out and go walking’.

Ms Shepard says ‘We are all going to die, it’s the quality of life while I’m living’ that’s important. The ringtone on Ms Shepherd’s cell phone is the theme from the movie ‘Rocky’. Sylvester Stallone is her idol.

Six pack abs or no, this is not exactly your typical grandmother.

six pack abs

six pack abs

six pack abs

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