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Ryan Reynolds Ripped Abs Workout and Diet Plan

Ripped Abs

Ryan Reynolds Ripped Abs

Perhaps like many other individuals you want to know how the Ryan Reynolds ripped abs workout and diet plan was able to help him gain 20 pounds of hard muscle while at the same time cutting his body fat down to 3%.

If that’s the case, then you want to read every single word in this article because, in the next few paragraphs you’ll find out how to achieve ripped abs and a muscular body like Ryan Reynolds.

Now while Ryan has gotten in shape before for movies like Van Wilder, and Blade Trinity this time for the film X-Men origins Wolverine where he played the character of “Deadpool” Ryan was required to put on more muscle size. However, Reynolds is not a big guy and so putting on additional muscle size does not come easy to him.

If you’re a thin guy and are currently looking to put on some muscle size while at the same time keeping your six-pack abs you should consider learning some of these “get rippedĀ  abs secrets” that you’ll find in this article.

“Blade Trinity” Ryan Reynolds Ripped Abs Workout and Diet Plan

With only 5 1/2 months to go before he needed to be in shape for filming Blade Trinity, Reynolds body fat was just over 11% when he started. However, at the time of filming his body fat was under 3% and he had gained 20 pounds of rock hard muscle!

In order to accomplish this small miracle, he and Jessica Biel both recruited celebrity personal trainer Darren Chapman to get them in shape. Chapman has worked with many US Olympic athletes and is a firm believer in using visualization as part of his muscle building training.

Ryan’s workouts would typically last between 2 to 3 hours. He would start by performing high repetition situps for ripped abs. The strength training workout was focused on using heavy weights in the low rep range. Usually, doing between 8 to 12 repetitions of each exercise. They would work out six days a week and follow a workout routine for chest, back, shoulders, calves, quadriceps, hamstring muscles andĀ  arms.

Ryan remarked that he realized that a proper diet and nutrition plan is responsible for more than 80% of your bodybuilding results. In the Ryan Reynolds Ripped Abs Workout and Diet Plan, you’ll need to follow these guidelines:

1. Make Sure to Use Supplements

Make sure to purchase the following supplements, protein bars, whey protein, creatine, multivitamin, and CLA

2. Eat 5 to 6 Meals per Day

By eating smaller meals every 2 to 3 hours, your body is kept in a higher state of metabolism. In other words, you don’t allow your body to go catabolic.

3. Advance Preparation of Foods

Having the food prepared advances a great way to avoid the temptation to cheat. In addition, any time you’re hungry all you have to do is microwave the food you have cooked already.

4. Eliminate Carbohydrates after 7 PM

Some of the allowed carbohydrates are foods like baked potatoes, Brown Rice, yams etc. However, remember don’t eat any carbohydrates after 7 PM.

5. Sample Diet Menu

Breakfast: Egg whites, oatmeal, and flaxseed oil

Snack: Have a Protein Bar As Your Snack

Lunch: boneless chicken breast, tuna, lots of salad.

Snack: Apple, almonds, protein shake, protein bar

Dinner: fish that are high in Omega three such as trout, salmon, etc. chicken breast, vegetables, Brown Rice or baked potato, and a large salad.

Apply what you have learned about the Ryan Reynolds Ripped Abs Workout and Diet Plan and you be able to quickly build a ripped body just like Ryan did.

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ripped abs

ripped abs

ripped abs

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