Why Has The Paula Deen Diabetes Diagnosis Gotten So Many People Upset?

Paula Deen Diabetes

Most Hated - Hitler, Bin Laden or Paula Deen?

It’s been over a week now since the Food Channel’s southern cooking chef Paula Deen announced to the world that she was diagnosed 3 years ago with Type 2 diabetes. She made the announcement last Tuesday, January 17th to Al Roker on NBC’s Today Show.

I’ve had a chance to read some of the reaction to her announcement and it would appear that in some circles, Paula Deen ranks just behind Hitler and Osama Bin Laden on the world’s most hated people list! Comments included terms such as greedy, liar, no ethics or scruples and “YOU ARE THE DEVIL”.

All of this impassioned response, I must confess, makes ME WANT TO SCREAM!!! Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. Paula Deen is a chef on a cable TV network program that’s purpose is to provide ENTERTAINMENT. She spends an hour each week for 30 weeks showing people how to prepare food that TASTES good. If eaten in moderation, a Paula Deen recipe will harm no one.

Government “Pork” – Now That’s A Bad Recipe

I wish more people would get this upset at the politicians that get on television and spread lies every day and night and then pass laws that actually impact our lives. I wish the same media that gives so much coverage holding Paula Deen accountable for cooking fatty foods on her “entertainment show” would hold these same politicians accountable for their passage of “pork filled bills” in the middle of the night.

Government “pork” has harmed way more people than Paula Deen ever could with her entertainment show, and yet she is the “DEVIL” to some! I know I’ve gotten on my soapbox here, but I can because it’s my Website!

In my opinion, this type of reaction to the Paula Deen announcement lies at the core of why there is an obesity epidemic in this country. It’s not because greedy unscrupulous cable TV entertainment chefs like Paula Deen are forcing fatty foods down our throats. It’s quite simply because we have made the choice to eat more calories each day than we burn off, and fail to engage in regular physical activity.

If we have obese children, and we are responsible for their diets and activities, it’s because we have chosen to feed them more calories each day than they burn off and fail to make sure they engage in regular physical activity. If we have fat dogs and fat cats for pets, it’s because we choose to feed them more calories than they burn off and fail to make sure they get enough regular physical activity.

Solving Obesity And Diabetes Is Not Rocket Science

Government Pork Spending

Government "Pork" Spending -Now That's An Unhealthy Recipe!

This is not rocket science. We have an obesity problem in the United States because of the choices we make on eating and exercising. If we really want to solve this problem and improve our quality of life, we need to stop looking for people to blame all the time like Paula Deen and take responsibility ourselves.

Finally, in regards to Type 2 diabetes. There are many factors that determine whether or not someone will have it or not. These factors include genetics, age, stress, weight, exercise and diet. Diabetes is not caused by any single one of these factors, nor is it caused by Paula Deen and her entertainment cooking show.

There are numerous weight loss and fitness programs out there that will work if you work them. Eating a healthy diet, keeping your weight under control and getting regular exercise will do wonders to control Type 2 diabetes and in some cases eliminate it. One program that provides the tools necessary to take all of the above actions is the 7 Minute Workout.

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paula deen

paula deen

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