Online Weight Loss Plans Are Working – Here’s How

Online Weight Loss Plans

Online Weight Loss Plans Are Working

Online weight loss plans are web-based fitness programs designed to help participants lose weight. Usually included is information on weight loss, setting goals, tracking progress, meal planning, workout planning and support from personal trainers or fitness coaches. Online weight loss plans are fast becoming a popular and distinct weight loss method.

Here’s How They Work

Online weight loss plans are usually interactive programs. The participant
is given diet information, workout routines, meal planning, goal tracking,
and feedback.These web-based programs attempt to include all of these areas
and tailor them fora particular individual. Usually the participant fills
out a profile before proceeding.The profile contains information such as
current eating patterns, fitness levels and goals.

A personalized meal plan and workout program can then be created for the
user. One of the unique features of these online weight loss plans is the
use of online tools that track improvements, as well as logging workout and
diet information. By tracking their fitness changes, a participant can make
more progress by targeting and meeting regular fitness goals.

Programs vary widely in price. The very basic online weight loss plans may
cost about $20 a month. Highly customized programs created by celebrity fitness
can cost in excess of $400 a month. You can also find free online
weight loss plans. These will usually provide access to several online tools,
however, they usually don’t provide any customized features.

Good online weight loss plans include the following:

Daily workout routine
• Weekly diet plan
• Weekly shopping list
• Regular online support from a professional trainer
• Motivational weight loss articles
• Online tracking of the participants progress
• Workout videos

The Journal of the American Medical Association published a year-long study
in which participants of an online weight loss plan lost more than double the
weight of those who participated in a more traditional plan. Also, it’s been
shown that people using online weight loss plans for at least 18 months were
able to maintain significant weight loss. Numerous studies are now showing that
Internet programs are viable tools for helping people maintain their weight
loss over the long term. In one study, a group of 250 people that had lost
weight over a six-month period were able to maintain their weight loss for
another 12 months using an online weight loss plan.

Low cost in combination with the convenience of not needing face-to-face
meetings with a nutritionist or personal trainer make online weight loss
easy to maintain. Constantly updating their weight changes and other measurements, helps to hold the participant accountable as well. Many
studies also indicate that participants who log into their online weight loss
plans more often experience, on average, more weight loss.

Weight Watchers Online Weight Loss Plans

There has been an upsurge of companies offering online weight loss plans. Among
them are companies such as, and New Lifestyle
Diet. Even established weight loss companies such as have
even begun offering online weight loss plans. Currently research is being done
looking into the effectiveness of online weight loss programs in primary care
settings. As more people join these types of programs there will be a significant
increase in companies offering customized online fitness programs.

Currently, we know of one company that has taken their online weight loss plan
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online weight loss plans

online weight loss plans

online weight loss plans

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