Obesity, Why Can’t I Stop Over Eating?!

Obesity - Why Can't I Stop Eating?

What are we really thinking?

Obesity is just an ugly sounding word, isn’t it? When I hear the Word Obesity, there is not one pleasant or positive image that comes to my mind.

One definition of obesity is that it is a medical condition whereby excess body fat has accumulated to the degree that it can negatively impact health, which can lead to a shorter life span and/or an increase in health problems.

Obesity has become one of the leading preventable causes of death worldwide with, with increasing occurrences in both adults and children. Many authorities are viewing obesity as one of the worst public health problems of the 21st century.

The most obvious ways of treating obesity obviously are through dieting and exercise. Diet quality can be improved through a reduction in the consumption of foods high in fat and sugars, while increasing the intake of dietary fiber. In addition, anti obesity supplements may be used to inhibit fat absorption and reduce appetite.

So, if we know what obesity is and how to treat it, why is it so difficult to do something about it? If you are overeating your way into obesity, chances are you have a Food Addiction. This means that your thinking is hard wired to trigger overwhelming cravings to eat when you are feeling uncomfortable.

Somewhere you discovered that when you were experiencing these uncomfortable feelings, eating made you feel better. Just like the alcoholic who takes a drink to numb the pain of his bad feelings when they arise.

One major problem for the active addict is that unlike a normal person, the bad feelings never really seem to go away. That hard wired addiction thinking is constantly producing negative thoughts that translate into negative uncomfortable feelings. Some common examples of these thoughts are:

       •   I do not fit in
       •   I am lesser than
       •   Everybody’s watching me
       •   I am not accepted
       •   I am different

The result is a constant state of feeling ill at ease and uncomfortable. In a true addict, nothing major or catastrophic has to occur to set off these thoughts. They occur just in the course of everyday life. So when the addict comes across something that provides relief from their uncomfortable state , whatever that may be, they start to over use it because the relief they experience is only temporary, while the addictive thinking is permanent. Once the relief ends, the uncomfortable feelings return and the vicious cycle continues.

In this YouTube Video, listen to and read the words in the song “Addiction” by Medina , to get a feel for the noise that goes on in the head of an addict.

In the food addict, obesity is the observable result from overeating to
overcome the uncomfortable feelings experienced from addictive thinking.

A common misconception amongst many people, including addicts themselves is
that if we just remove the item or activity that the addict is abusing, they
will be cured. For example if we just remove alcohol from the alcoholic and
he never has another drink, he will be cured. Or if we just keep the food addict
with obesity on a strict healthy diet and control the calories, they will be cured.

Many an alcoholic has stopped drinking for extended periods of time. Sometimes for the rest of their lives. However, if the only thing an alcoholic does is stop drinking alcohol, one of three things will happen:

1) They will live the rest of their lives being uncomfortable and          unhappy.
2) They will die (in many cases by suicide).
3) They will relapse and start drinking again.

If a Food Addict with obesity just stops overeating, one of the same three things will be the result. Why, you may ask? Because the real problem of negative addictive thinking has not been addressed. That addictive thinking pattern will be there day after day every day working on the addict making him miserable until he resumes the addictive behavior that brought temporary relief before or until he dies.

So what if anything can be done to overcome the addictive thinking pattern Food Addicts in obesity carry with them? There are three specific actions that need to be taken:

1) They need to change their diet and eating pattern
2) They need to participate in a fitness and exercise program
3) They need to engage with like minded individuals that share the same problem and goals.

Before any action can be taken, however, the addict must come to the realization and accept that he can’t fight this battle alone. He must surround himself with others that have the same problem as him and the same goals. He must be willing to interact with these people to fill his mind with positive thoughts of support and encouragement. He must also be willing to make this a priority and devote time to it everyday for the rest of his life.

Most importantly, he must be willing to offer his own support and encouragement to others.  Nothing will get him to stop thinking about himself and dwelling on his obesity more than helping another person to reach their goals.

One program that provides the tools necessary to take all of the above actions is the 7 Minute Workout. You do not have to be a Food Addict with obesity to take advantage of the benefits of this program. All you need is a desire to loss some excess weight and get fit.

This program provides:

1) A Food Tracker, Healthy Recipes, and Menu Builder to help change your diet and eating patterns.
2) The 7 Minute Workout Plan which shows how to work out just 7 minutes
a day, 3 days a week and GUARANTEES that you’ll be in the best shape
of your life.
3) Support and encouragement through a very active membership using Blogs,
Forums, Groups and Live Interactive Webcasts.

And finally for people that are Food Addicts and have an obesity problem, I encourage you to check out Overeaters Anonymous at www.oa.org.




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2 responses to Obesity, Why Can’t I Stop Over Eating?!

  1. Fantastic blog post Gene! I can so relate to this as someone who has been addicted to food most of my life. It gets to the point where food takes over and that’s all you can think about. If I’ve learned anything through my weight loss journey it’s that fact that the mind must change and then the body will follow.

    I’m so impressed with your blog my man… great work!


    • Gene Aasen

      Thanks for your comment Rex. You are so right, the mind is an incredibly powerful tool. Like all tools, the better we take care of it, the better the results we will have from using it. The best way to take care of this tool is to FEED it a steady DIET of positive and encouraging messages.

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