LA Fitness Centers – Are They Really For You?

LA Fitness Center - Is It For You?

LA Fitness Center - Is It For You?

Beginning with just one single branch in Irvine, CA back in 1984, then growing to over 300 facilities in the US and Canada, LA Fitness has become the most recognized face in the “super-gym” category of health and fitness facilities.

A lot of gyms lose their focus quickly but LA Fitness is one company that has not strayed from its original mission to  the benefits of a healthy lifestyle” by continually opening new locations each and every year. Almost all LA Fitness centers sport a swimming pool, and basketball court…something few workout facilities other than the YMCA offer these days as standard amenities.

LA Fitness knows that it takes all types of people to make the world go around, and different people approach fitness in different ways. Taking that into account, almost all LA Fitness centers offer the following:

Free Weight Area – while other national Chains have replaced their free weights almost exclusively with and cardio equipment, LA Fitness had made it a priority to keep a sizeable amount of floor space dedicated to free weights.

Cardiovascular Training Area – all LA Fitness locations come with a large cardio training area. From treadmills to elliptical machines, stair climbers to rowing machines, LA Fitness ensure that a variety of easy-to-use equipment available to each member.

Selectorized Weight Equipment – The machines are set up in a circuit-training design of rotation which permit anyone to obtain a complete body work out each time you hit the fitness center.

Group Exercise Classes – Fun, energetic training which burns calories and gets your heart rate up is the name of the game on the floors of the state-of-the-art Group Exercise Studios built into each LA Fitness location.

Lane-Divided Pool – swimming is recognized to be an excellent substitute for greater impact cardio exercises since it provides you with a complete cardiovascular work out, enhanced by the greater resistance of the water, without having the joint-pounding consequences that come with running and step sessions.

Full Basketball Court – basketball is undoubtedly the most popular indoor team sport which is why LA Fitness incorporates a full, hard-wood floored basketball court into each of their facilities.

Racquetball Courts – since the sport’s introduction by Joe Sobek in 1952, racquetball has grown to be a favorite sport which has fitness at its core. Anyone who has played racquetball can attest to the fact that this game is one of the most intense experiences known to man.

Spa & Sauna – absolutely nothing feels better following a rigorous work out than a bit of heat treatment. Both sitting down immersed in the heated, bubbling water along with the dry heat of the sauna are research-proven to provide a restorative result that purifies the body, will stimulate blood circulation, and engages the body’s biological recuperation pathways.

Pro Results Personal Training – Sometimes a little bit of accountability and guidance is all that is needed in order to get you moving from where you are to where you want to be. For this reason, LA Fitness makes personal training a key element of their overall program offerings.

Child Care – among the most attractive benefits in fitness center for people who have a family is the access to child care.

Juice Bar – smart people know that if you want to become fit, you can’t eat junk. Downing soda, “energy drinks”, and other corn-syrup laden concoctions after working out is the easiest way to go nowhere fast.That’s why many LA Fitness locations offer a juice bar offering healthy snacks and custom-blended juices for members who want to take advantage of higher-quality post-workout nutrition.

The breakdown above demonstrates that LA Fitness has got its heart in the proper place. Offering an excellent work out experience that will make you desire to return for more is the primary working philosophy in this organization. Needless to say, simply no fitness center can be everything to everybody. Should you be looking for a “small gym” experience in which you become familiar with nearly everybody by name, then this bigger facility most likely won’t be the best place to suit your needs.

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8 responses to LA Fitness Centers – Are They Really For You?

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    Great blog!! You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned 🙂

    • Gene Aasen

      Thanks for your comment. My Goal is to provide content, products and services that will help my followers to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

  2. Briahna

    I will give credit where credit is due. La fitness does have a lot to offer and nice facilities, but they have the WORST customer service I have ever encountered. So have many other customers… Just read the blogs and complaints! There are extremely nice to you when you are considering joining, because they see you as a walking dollar sign, but then once you sign that contract they do not care about you and you are just another number.

    • Gene Aasen

      Hi Briahna and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. The goal of this site is to provide as much information as we can on goods and services that promote health and fitness so that each visitor can make informed decisions when considering them. I have also noticed the complaints out there as you have mentioned relating to customer service. Also in the same blogs I have seen credit given, as you have for the physical facilities. Some people will not care because they would like to just go and do their workout and be left alone. However, I think they are in the minority. If you are a person considering a membership at an LA Fitness facility, based on these comments, I would recommend you ask for a Free Visit to check it out and talk to some of the current members to see what their experience is before signing up.

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      Hi Jerry,
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      Thanks for visiting Fat Burning Diet Reviews Jennifer. I appreciate your comment and hope you return often.

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