Jillian Michaels Weight Loss Program – Will It Work On You?

Jillian Michaels – Just Who Is She?

Jillian Michaels Online Weight Loss Program

Will It Work For You?

The following is a courtesy to all of my readers that have been living under a rock that past several years. Jillian Michaels is known as “America’s Top Health & Wellness Expert” as well as “America’s Toughest Trainer”.

Jillian’s passion for health and fitness comes from 17 years of dedicated work in the fields of martial arts, personal training, health and wellness. She is recently best known as the undefeated strength trainer and life coach on NBC’s hit series “The Biggest Loser”. Jillian has a following of almost fifteen million viewers each week who consider her a motivator and role model.

Jillian Michaels weight loss program has helped tens of thousands of people lose weight approaching a total of almost 1.5 million pounds lost. I have heard that her list of Success Stories and Testimonials is so large it would max out the memory on most E-book readers!!!

Why Is Jillian Michaels Program So Successful?

Here are some of the major components in Jillian Michaels success formula:

1) Publicly Proven Results – If you’ve watched the hit NBC show “The Biggest Loser”, you have seen overweight contestants lose weight right before your eyes. These were achieved not through the magic of Hollywood’s special effects magic but by the sheer guts and determination of the contestants themselves. In addition, besides contestants on the show, there are many testimonials from regular people on the Jillian Michaels dot com website crediting Jillian Michaels for helping them to transform their lives.

2) Individually Customized Weekly Planner – The Jillian Michaels online program provides a weekly exercise plan that is customized based on your level of fitness.

3) The Ultimate Menu Guide – Jillian Michaels gives you instruction on just what foods will fuel your weight loss, how to make smart food choices in everyday life situations, how to count calories, how to shop at the local grocery store and how to eat out.

4) Support, Motivation and Inspiration – At this time, the Jillian Michaels online support community boasts about 2 million subscribers with the same goals that you have.

5) Interactive Weight Tracker – With Jillian Michaels online you have the tools to keep track of your weight loss change, journal what you are eating as well as note your thoughts and feelings regarding your progress.

Jillian Michaels Makes You Feel Proud

6) Worldwide Access – If you have the desire to follow the Jillian Michaels program, you can join no matter where in the world you live.

Summary Conclusion – The Jillian Michaels online weight loss program is a proven winner and without a doubt, virtually anyone who follows the plan will lose weight.

So, Will It Work On You?

Absolutely it will, if you follow the plan. Therein lies the problem, however. In order to follow the plan, you need to be prepared to engage in rigorous exercise. Eventually, in order to reach your weight loss goals you must continue pushing yourself beyond your limits.

None of “The Biggest Loser” contestants saw results until Jillian pushed them beyond their comfort zones. You will not have Jillian Michaels in your face giving you a push. For you to get the results you desire and reach your weight loss goals, you will have to be or become the type of person that has the motivation and mental toughness to do the pushing yourself.

I’m Not That Type of Person – Now What?

Well fortunately there is an alternative for you to check out. Do you think you could muster up the motivation and mental toughness it would take to work out for 7 minutes, 3 times a week if it would get you in the best shape of your life… Guaranteed!! If you can’t then I suspect the only reason you are on this page is to look at the scantily clad pictures.

In all seriousness, though, there really is such a program. Joel Therien (a national bodybuilding champion from Canada) and his partner Chris Reid (a World Taekwon-Do Champion) put together the 7 Minute Workout fitness program.

In Joel’s own words, “You are likely used to reading incredible statements only to find out the statement was a play on words and really nothing more than a trick! We claim that our system will get you into the best shape of your life in just 7minutes, 3 times per week….the only misleading part there is that we don’t “claim” it to be true….we GUARANTEE it!!”

For a complete explanation of how this is possible Click Here and watch the Video.

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels

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6 responses to Jillian Michaels Weight Loss Program – Will It Work On You?

  1. alice moog

    in may 2010 i did your detox burn and lost 17 lbs for my sons july 17th wedding… july 2011 i did detoxcleanse on sale for 8 dollars and was miserable and constipated ….iwas bloated ao i got detox burn again at the end of august and now i am retaining water from my belly to my feet…what do you think …i am doing natural remedies and walking

    • Gene Aasen

      Hello Alice and thank you for leaving your comment.
      The first and most important thing I would like to say is that I am not a doctor and would never be able to provide any specific advice on someone’s reaction to any particular supplement or program. The only comment I can make in that regard is that prior to taking any supplement or starting any fitness program, check it out with your own doctor first to make sure that it is OK for you and your particular condition. That being said, in reality, there are many people that will start a program or take something before checking first with their doctor. In that case, if you experience any discomfort or unusual reactions, check with your doctor before continuing usage or participation. Your physical condition will always be the direct result of the combination of your eating habits, your diet and your exercise. Even if I was a qualified doctor, it would be unfair and irresponsible to make any type of diagnosis without knowing your particular details. So the short answer to your question “what do you think” is please check with your doctor and stop immediately taking any supplements.

  2. shed pounds

    It’s actually a cool and helpful piece of information. I am satisfied that you simply shared this useful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Jennifer

    Thank you for sharing this review! I was checking out Jillian Michaels and I got a lot of help from this!

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