Why The Weight Watcher Diet Worked For Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson Book

Jennifer Hudson - I Got This


Jennifer Hudson has a new book titled “I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down”. In it she discusses how she was able to drop 80 pounds after her son David was born in 2009. She reportedly topped out at 237 at that time.

I think the Jennifer Hudson weight loss story is worth paying attention to because if you listen and read closely, you will find out why she was able to lose the weight while so many others fail. Because of her high profile and weight loss success, Jennifer Hudson is the international spokeswoman for Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers is a great world class program and has helped thousands of people in their weight loss pursuits. In fact, there are countless other weight loss programs that also have helped many thousands of followers to achieve their weight loss goals. This is obviously, a very good thing because when it comes to weight loss, “one size definitely does not fit all”.

However, when it comes to weight loss program failure, there can be a very common thread amongst most of the programs. Jennifer Hudson brings this out very eloquently and boldly. Her message is something that transcends just losing weight. It is something that can be used in all areas of our lives.

Jennifer Hudson is quoted as saying “I am telling you the absolute truth when I say that I genuinely loved my body-fat, thin and everywhere in between.” If this is true, then why did she undertake the challenge to lose the 80 pounds?

Another Jennifer Hudson quote is “I had everyone on the planet tell me that I needed to look a certain way or be a specific size if I wanted to make it as a singer. I have been rejected from more jobs than the ones I’ve gotten simply because of my appearance. If I had listened to all of those people, maybe I would have become a broken-down, overweight, out-of-work, American Idol castoff has-been.”

It seems quite evident that Jennifer Hudson does not suffer from low self esteem. I think a lot of that is because she has been doing something she truly loves (singing and acting) to the best of her ability. So many of us choose how we spend our time or an occupation based on external factors like money, approval from others or it’s easy!! We wind up doing things we hate and rationalize it to make ourselves feel better.

Before her weight loss success, Jennifer Hudson was an inspiration to many of her fans because of achieving Hollywood success despite not fitting the ideal Hollywood mold. Now some critics see her weight loss success and book deal as a sort of selling out and possibly alienating those supporters!

Jennifer Hudson son

Jennifer Hudson - A Good Example For Her Son

Her Weight Watcher diet is so successful mainly because of her “mindset“. She lost the weight because she decided she wanted to, not because someone else told her to. After the birth of her son, David, she had the “mindset” to be a good example for him. As it turns out, she has become an inspiration and role model to a whole different segment of the population.

This should not be called selling out. This should be called growth. Growth results from stretching our boundaries with the goal of nurturing ourselves and others. Most of the time the process is uncomfortable and even painful. For those with the courage and the “mindset” to push those boundaries, the result is worth the effort. Just ask Jennifer!

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson

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      Hello Theresa
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