Bodybuilding and Weight Loss – The Three Key Components To Success

Bodybuilding and weight loss are not one in the same, but do share three key components for success which include (1) mental fitness, (2) proper nutrition and (3) physical exercise. In this article, I want to focus on the mental fitness component and how it influences the achievement of one’s bodybuilding or weight loss goals.

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Ex Bodybuilding Champ And 7 Minute Workout Creator Joel Therien At Age 39

I have always had a struggle in my life with the “Unseen”. If I can’t identify something with one of the five senses (Site, Sound, Feel, Smell, Taste), I usually have to go through some introspective mental gymnastics to feel comfortable buying into the concept. I say usually because for some reason, I have never felt uncomfortable about the concept of electricity. I can’t tell you how electricity works, I can’t smell it or taste it. If I feel it, it’s a shock (Pun Intended)! I can hear some of the results as in a doorbell or see the results when I flick a switch and a light goes on.

The bottom line here is if something is powered by electricity I have total unquestioning belief that it will operate once I turn on the switch, even though I have no clue as to how it will work. So why is it that a natural born skeptic of all things unseen accepts the concept of electricity without question and what does this have to do with bodybuilding and weight loss?

The simple answer is that since the day I was born, I have been mentally conditioned to accept the concept of electricity. I am surrounded by thousands of examples of the results of electricity and accept it’s existence, even though I can’t really tell you anything about it or prove it! My subconscious mind has accepted the existence of electricity and overrides my normal conscious mental conditioning to be skeptical.

When it comes to bodybuilding and weight loss, just like electricity, we are surrounded by the results of bodybuilding and weight loss programs, but how many of us really know what’s going on in our bodies and what’s best for us? Unlike with electricity, there are no switches to flick or buttons to push that will get us the desired results.


Why Most Bodybuilding And Weight Loss Programs Fail!

We have been mentally conditioned our whole lives that in order to have a successful bodybuilding or weight loss program we must push ourselves to beyond our limits. “No Pain, No Gain” is the battle cry. It seems that those that can endure the most pain in their bodybuilding or weight loss programs have the most attractive bodies and appear the healthiest. This is why most people fail to maintain their bodybuilding or weight loss programs for the long term.

There is an emotional link between bodybuilding or weight loss exercise and the desire to stop it or embrace it. Keeping it basic, there is a natural chemical response produced by our bodies to protect us from actions our bodies recognize as bad for us or that we don’t enjoy. Our brain interprets those responses as negative feelings or emotions. When this link is created, just the thought of the action will produce those negative emotions that will create strong feelings that cause you to stop or delay the activity. This should be considered common sense, yet the fitness industry considers it to be laziness!

We are all individuals. Some people get pleasure from varying levels of pain brought on by various scenarios. The individuals that are drawn to bodybuilding and weight loss exercise very often are those that react positively to stimulus that produces negative emotions in most people. They enjoy gasping and panting while running on a treadmill. With legs wobbling from exhaustion, they get an emotional lift from pushing themselves further. Finally, when they collapse from exhaustion they declare they just had “the greatest workout of their lives”.

Most individuals will not put themselves through so much. Those that do experience a feeling of pride in completing the bodybuilding or weight loss routine because of its’ difficulty. They have a sense of certainty that their physical prowess is achieved because they can complete it when most others are too soft and without the drive needed.

We all have known of athletes that have chronic pain in their knees, shoulders, and back. Over training has been linked to all of these conditions. Many professional athletes have spent the rest of their lives after the age of 40 dealing with chronic pain that has been the result of excessive training. Yet you can find their bodybuilding routine for sale in stores on a DVD!!

The bottom line for most people is that these excessive bodybuilding programs just don’t work because people will not do them. They do not react with positive feelings to the excessive training these athletes force upon themselves. When they try to force their programs on the masses it winds up turning people away from exercise completely. This can have a severely negative impact on the lives of people who can’t motivate themselves to endure the pain for 45 minutes of longer.


After A Bodybuilding Workout Muscles Need 10 Days To Improve

Muscles are improved by breaking them down and rebuilding them. It’s possible to break down a muscle using resistance during a movement, by repeating the movement only 5 or 6 times. Using 3 or 4 different movements (exercises) a complete muscle group can be broken down. After muscles are broken down, 10 full days of rest are required to recover fully. Most bodybuilding and weight loss programs will have you target a muscle group too soon and not allow enough time for the muscles to improve and rebuild into stronger healthier muscle tissue.

Without adequate recovery time, how can our muscles improve? A medical surgery might only take an hour to complete, but the process of recovery is really where improvement is made. Often this can take 6 month! Fortunately, in our situation, the bodybuilding or weight loss exercise routine can achieve full muscle breakdown in 7 minutes or less with a recovery period that lasts 10 days.

For further information and an in depth explanation of how this can be achieved visit the 7 Minute Workout.




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    • Gene Aasen

      Hello Brad,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you were able to find a supplement to to help manage your weight control. I also am using a supplement (Xyng from Xyngular) . Getting the right supplement that helps you control your appetite and boost your energy can also help with that all important mental aspect to overall health and fitness. It is much easier to focus and participate in a workout program when we are not constantly fighting the appetite cravings.

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