Is Most Of Your Body Fat Between Your Ears?

Body Fat Between Your Ears - It's Not Your Fault

Fitness Fathead - It's Not Your Fault

Body fat between your ears? Does it sound like you’re being called a FATHEAD! Well sort of, but it’s not your fault. You see,  just like excess body fat around your waist, hips and thighs poisons your body’s health, the misinformation you have been feed your whole life about exercise, diet and fitness is poisoning your mind and putting up barriers that keep you from having a healthy and fit body.

Keeping it simplistic, people have a natural chemical response intended to safeguard themselves from the things that we really do not enjoy or that our bodies identify as bad for us. These responses are perceived by the brain as negative emotions or feelings. Whenever this occurs, the very notion of this activity that generates those negative feelings will produce strong emotions that trigger you to avoid or postpone the endeavor. We call it common sense….the fitness business calls it laziness!

Can Body Fat Burning Exercise Be Painless?

Not everybody is created the exact same way. There are individuals who enjoy differing levels of pain that is caused by many different scenarios and indeed, the individuals who are attracted to exercise are frequently individuals who respond favorably to stimulus that would stimulate negative emotions for most people. When they are shown the standard body fat burning exercise program that others like them have created, they love it!

They’re convinced that these kinds of approaches have the greatest benefit for reducing body fat percentage and increasing muscular fitness. They are basing that conclusion upon the positive emotional feeling they experienced once they finished the workout routine. They realize that their feelings are really not the norm. They understand that most people will not put themselves through so much. There exists a feeling of great pride in executing the body fat burning program since it is so tough. There can be a feeling of assurance that their athletic dominance is attained because they can survive it while others are too soft and are lacking the willpower required. “No pain no gain”….right? Wrong!

We have all heard the phrase “less is more” right? We furthermore all know some athletes who have experienced knee problems, shoulder problems, back troubles along with other chronic pain. All these ailments are connected with over training.

Extreme Body Fat Burning Exercise Fails Everyday People

The conclusion on these extreme programs is….they undeniably don’t work! Everyday people will not do them. The majority of individuals do not respond the same way to the extreme exercising that these athletes force on themselves and attempt to force upon the masses. Worse yet, it drives people away from exercising entirely which in turn harms the lives of men and women who just cannot motivate themselves to endure for 45 minutes or even longer in order to reduce their body fat.

We build up muscle tissues by breaking them down and then repairing them. How much time will it take to break down a muscle? Not very long. Utilizing resistance throughout a movement, it is quite possible for you to break down a muscle simply by replicating the motion merely 5 or 6 times. Once that has been completed, muscle tissues may be broken down farther by doing another movement that uses the same muscle groups in another way. Once again, resistance is applied to ensure the muscles cannot execute the motion at all after only 5 or 6 repetitions.

Forcing the muscle tissues to keep on is actually useless and leads to over training. You can over tenderize meat by pounding it into mush, the same is true for our muscles.

Once the muscles are broken down, they require 10 full days to fully recover. Again, most programs will have you target a muscle group too early and never give the muscles the opportunity they need to improve and rebuild themselves into stronger healthier muscle tissue.

How can we improve without adequate time for recovery? A medical operation may take 1 hour to perform, yet the recovery process is where the real improvement is made and can often take 6 months! In our case, the muscle breakdown is fully achieved in 7 minutes or less and the recovery period lasts 10 days.

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