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Hello, Gene here…

I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know a little about me and this website.

Fat Burning Diet ReviewsMost of my time is spent reviewing products and programs from a variety of categories to determine which ones actually live up to the promises and hype found in their sales letters.

Since retiring almost 10 years ago as a business executive, I found myself amazed at how the Internet had become such an incredible tool, providing anyone almost instantly with unlimited information that they could use to improve their lives as well as help others. A big problem, however, was determining what is good information and what is bad.

Probably most of us on the Internet have been the victims at one time or another of scams or misinformation that can cost both loss of time and money. So I wanted to basically share the results of my online research to save you having to duplicate the hard work yourself to find products and programs that have stood the test of time and been proven to work from both personal experience and testimonial review.

You may find other sites of mine on the internet for other products that I have an interest. This site deals with Fat Burning Diet products. An area of concern to many millions of people around the world. I hope you find the reviews helpful and are able to take advantage of the program that suites you best.

Feel free to contact me here.

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2 responses to About Me

  1. Bonnie McDonough

    Gene, I find your blog to have some of the most interesting articles I have seen concerning weightloss. I found myself reading each article on the front page. Keep providing this type of content. Great job.

    • Gene Aasen

      Thank you Bonnie for the the complement. Weight loss and fitness can have such a major impact on peoples lives both physically and mentally that can carry over into other areas. My goal is in some small way to try an make a difference through awareness, support. and encouragement with quality programs and products. Keep coming back..

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