7 Fat Burning Diet Celebrity Secrets

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Most often the female celebrities who follow a good fat burning dieting lifestyle seem to always look fantastic. Whether starring in television or films or gliding down the red carpet during movie premiers and awards, their larger than life presence seems to always fascinate us. The reality is, it takes a lot of effort to look that way , and being the public figures, they can’t afford to let their physical appearances slack off. Their career depends largely on how they look. Besides the clothes, the hair and the makeup, celebrities need to take care of their bodies.

So it is not surprising that these stars have their own secrets to staying fit and attractive. Their health program can range from extreme workouts to well-planned meals. Who doesn’t want to know their secrets to staying sexy? Here are some of the fat burning diet secrets of seven female stars.

fat burning diet1. Jennifer Aniston

The star the television hit show Friends, not only captivated viewers with her comedic sense and her memorable hairstyle, she was also known for her sexy body, as she appeared on the cover of countless magazines. Jennifer stayed trim by following the 40:30:30 fat burning diet method which consists of:

  • 40% Low glycemic carbohydrates
  • Foods such as beans, fruits and vegetables, legumes
  • 30% lean proteins
  • Tofu, fish, chicken, turkey, beef and low fat dairy products
  • 30% essential fats
  • nuts and seeds, fish and olive oils

It is necessary that each meal contain macro nutrients to achieve the proper balance of hormones and maximum fat burning.

2. Kate Hudson

The beautiful daughter of screen star Goldie Hawn put on 60 pounds during her pregnancy, which she needed to lose quickly before starting on her next film. Unlike her previous diet plan, she changed to a higher protein diet. This required eating high protein meals in smaller portions, combined with an exercise program that included training with weights as well as cardiovascular workouts. Kate was able to remove all that baby weight in only four months while gaining abdominal muscles that are the envy of many in Hollywood.

fat burning diet3. Oprah Winfrey

As arguably the most successful talk-show host in the world, Oprah has to maintain her physical appearance for her millions of fans. It is well known she is one of those celebrities that is constantly fighting weight gain. She has recently toned up her figure by combining a regular exercise program and diet plan. Oprah works out five days a week, doing free weights along with 30 minutes on the treadmill. Her diet plan consists of legumes, fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables, chicken and dairy products that are low in fat, while limiting the consumption of white sugar and flour. In addition Oprah attributes her trim figure to her habit of not consuming any food after seven in the evening.

fat burning diet4. Gwyneth Paltrow

It seems hard to believe that the always slim Academy award-winning actress would be in need of dieting. Gwyneth follows a healthy eating program similar to Oprah’s. She also avoids sugar and white flour while usually following a macrobiotic diet, eating foods like vegetables, brown rice, and lean meat. In addition she has eliminated dairy from her diet, and practices yoga daily.

fat burning diet5. Madonna

The singer/actress sometimes known as the Material Girl has always flaunted a great body,  has become a true fitness champion over the years. She keeps herself in top condition by doing Ashtanga Yoga, and follows a strict diet that mostly shuns junk foods. She has a macrobiotic eating plan which includes organic foods that are rich in lean protein.

fat burning diet6. Claudia Schiffer

The striking German supermodel eats salad and steamed vegetables for dinner. Also she will only eat fruits before the afternoon. When she is on location, she likes to eat black grapes while drinking tomato juice and herbal tea.


fat burning diet7. Christie Brinkley

This long-time supermodel preserves her all-American good looks by being a vegetarian. She refuses to have junk foods of any kind at her home to ensure that she will not give in when cravings occur. She will snack on sweet potatoes in instead of candy bars, and will follow a liquid juice diet when she needs to slim down quickly.

When it comes to maintaining their figures, celebrities are just like anyone else except for the added pressure of being constantly in the public eye. Ordinary folks can have celebrity-like bodies, too, by following these fat burning diet and fitness plans.

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